Welcome to our travel blog! We are Emilia and Louisa, two passionate adventurers who share a love for exploring Europe’s diverse landscapes, cultures, and cuisines.

Emilia, currently studying in Barcelona, finds joy in immersing herself in the vibrant gastronomic scene that the city has to offer. From tapas bars tucked in narrow alleys to trendy rooftop restaurants, she savors the rich flavors and culinary delights that define Barcelona’s gastronomy.

Louisa, pursuing her studies in Vienna, has a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage and artistic treasures scattered throughout the city. The majestic architecture, world-class museums, and the soul-stirring music scene resonate deeply with her passion for culture and art.

Together, we embark on journeys across Europe, seeking to capture the essence of each destination through our unique perspectives. Join us as we share our travel tales, insider tips, and recommendations, hoping to inspire fellow travelers to uncover the magic that Europe has to offer.

Let’s wander together and discover the beauty of Europe, one adventure at a time!