The District Santo Spirito

Santo Spirito is one of the four main districts of Florence, Italy. Florence is divided into two parts by the river Arno, Santo Spirito is located on the “Other Side”, the so called Oltrano. This part, and therefore this district of the city, is very appreciated by the Florentine inhabitants because it is still very traditional and less touristy with its antique stores, classic trattorias and typical markets. The main attraction of Santo Spirito is the Renaissance church, Basilica di Santa Maria del Santo Spirito, and the beautiful square in front of it, Piazza Santo Spirito.

Things to do on Piazza Santo Spirito during the Day

Piazza Santo Spirito is an amazing square with a fountain in the center, surrounded by planted trees and restaurants and bars on the sides of the square. Every day until 1 pm and on Sunday until 5 pm, Piazza Santo Spirito offers a variety of markets. From regional fruits and vegetables, fresh oil, pastries and honey, to clothes and jewelry, there is something for everyone. You can also admire street musicians and sometimes even watch artists drawing the church and the square. Some restaurants on Piazza Santo Spirito open already in the morning and offer breakfast, so you can enjoy the peace and beauty of the square in the morning with a Cornetto con Crema and a cafe. But at the latest at 12 o’clock all restaurants open and offer classic Italian dishes for lunch and you can take a break from exploring the city outside under the umbrellas with very good food.

Piazza Santo Spirito by Night

Whether it’s just for an aperitif or for dinner, Santo Spirito is always a good choice for a nice night out. The atmosphere of the last rays of the sun shining on the square, all the restaurants next to each other and the many people, make the evening at Piazza Santo Spirito so special. Every restaurant on the square offers about the same cuisine with the same prices. Fresh Italian pasta, classic pizza and the traditional Florentine steak, the bistecca. The types and prices of drinks are also very similar everywhere. What’s special about Florence, and indeed all of Italy, is that you get a variety of snacks with your aperitif. Italians love to offer different kinds of chips, nuts or even olives. So before your aperitif or dinner, just walk around the square and decide by menu and atmosphere which restaurant or bar you like best.

There is always a lot going on in Piazza Santo Spirito the hole night and even though many tourists enjoy this place, there are always a lot of inhabitant there as well and they are very open and you can get to know them.

Our favourite Places at Piazza Santo Spirito

Our favourite Restaurants

  • Gustapanino
  • Ristorante Borgo Antico

Our favourite Bars

  • Volume
  • PopCafe
  • Loggia Roof Bar: If you want a really special aperitif, this rooftop bar is the perfect place. Over the Piazza Santo Spirito you can see the roofs and some churches of Florence while the sun is going down.

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